Technology & Development

Innovative websites, apps and mobile sites

banner15Tailor-made interactive systems engineered from the ground up

At HoneyKome, we build dynamic and innovative data-driven websites, apps and mobile sites that work across devices, from the most basic feature phone to the latest tablet and smart phone. From strategy and research, to design and build, we cover it all for a range of clients; start-up and enterprise alike.

Our Development Hub boasts Interface Designers, Usability Engineers, Web and App Developers and Quality Assurance pros. These experts refine wireframes and create technical specifications that outline exactly how our sites function. We engineer tailor-made interactive systems from the ground up and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring they are user-friendly, developer-friendly and SEO-friendly.

In truly beautiful websites, content and design are intricately woven to form an integrated whole. Marrying story with functionality and imagery with technology, we create strategic, engaging websites that are on-brand, reinforce credibility and resonate with target audiences. This enables us to create a digital environment within which it is easier for you to convert users to clients, partners and audiences.

But the website is just the beginning… We maintain ongoing relationships with our clients to enhance and optimise their digital properties, delivering leads and revenue well into the future.