Drive quality website traffic and attract new customers…

With more than one billion websites online at any given time, reaching your audience when it is searching for your product, category or service online is a complex art at best. At worst, it can seem like a blind scramble to fight for a spot on the first page of the search engine results.

A tough call, yes. But using strategic planning, Web Analytics and up-to-date optimisation practices, HoneyKome’s experienced team can help to vastly improve the performance of your website. Effective content, targeted advertising, tactical keyword strategies and technical recommendations all contribute to ensuring that your website is not only “findable” but also “usable”. In everything we do, the aim is clear: to drive more quality website traffic from visitors who are most likely to adopt, endorse or purchase your product.

At HoneyKome we focus on the heartbeat of your digital presence, using web analytics to ensure that your digital pulse remains at optimum levels. Through accurate analysis of website traffic and the behaviour of online visitors, we help you to constantly hone your online marketing strategy to attract new customers. Chasing the coveted top-spot on the search-results page for your branded keywords is what drives our dedicated team, and measuring and reporting on the results forms part and parcel of this essential service. However, we don’t believe in measuring purely for measurement’s sake.

We prefer to look at analysis as an ongoing, consultative journey that we undertake together to ensure your analytics are measuring the right metrics for your specific business needs. Reports track results and provide actionable, practical information, to keep your website performing at its best and your brand growing accordingly.