banner11We focus on quality leads and engagement…

Let the world know that your website exists: sign post it in the World Wide Web and invite your customers and potential clients to visit. To achieve this goal, let our experienced media planning and buying experts create and implement digital advertising campaigns that deliver.

We’ll match creative concepts with media channels, and implement effective advertising campaigns that result in high response rates from targeted online visitors, helping to improve the performance of your business.

Because you know your brand and market best, we consult with you to understand the key drivers for your campaigns. Monitoring results is important and we utilise web analytic tools to track customer behaviour and how they are interacting with your brand. We use the data gathered from our ad serving platforms to adapt the campaign – changing creative, choosing different channels, delivery times or site placements, for example. As we learn more about your customer base, each new campaign becomes more successful than the last.

Selecting the ideal combination of advertising channels, we choose from a combination of display banners on premium sites, offer targeted programmatic advertising across global networks, or search campaigns in Google. Email marketing is also part of the mix. With social media channels becoming increasingly relevant as advertising platforms, we manage performance advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

With our roots in mobile marketing, we are perfectly placed to target the mobile audience through in-app ads, mobile networks, SMS messaging and also have the ability to target the mass market through our USSD adserving capabilities.

Throughout, our aim is to achieve the highest possible return on investment for your advertising spend: focusing upon quality leads and engagement, rather than mass appeal and click-traffic.