Project brief:

Design and develop a responsive mobile site for TruCape to integrate with their television commercials and provide a platform for direct, immediate consumer interaction.

Our solution:

We created a mobile site with information about the company’s products, promotions, competitions, recipes and video content.

In addition to TV promotion, targeted mobile and online banner ad campaigns drove traffic to the site and increased consumer awareness of the brand. The mobile site became the digital destination for the brand’s on-the-go consumers and was also used to build a database of consumers through competitions and refer-a-friend options, as well as cross promotion through social media links.

To drive engagement to a healthy eating programme for kids aged 6 to 12, we designed a mobile game based on a character we created called the “TC Kid”. The TC Kid teaches children about which foods to eat (good foods like TruCape apples and pears) and which to avoid (unhealthy food like pizzas, candy and fizzy drinks).

Given the lower LSM focus of the campaign, it was a priority for the game to be accessible on feature phones, but also appeal to the smartphone market. The game was available for download free on the mobisite, as well as in various mobile stores.