The Sunshine Tour

The Sunshine Tour is South Africa’s leading light when it comes to all things golf. As the official professional golf tour in South Africa it is one of the world’s top 6 men’s tours that make up the International Federation of PGA Tours.

The immense prestige of the tour and the on-the-go nature of the golf fan, necessitated an upgrade to the existing, increasingly outdated website. The Tour has a passionate following and boasts a dedicated team of editors and photographers who rove the country following the tour to produce a staggering wealth of editorial, visual and statistical content that is constantly updated on the Tour’s website.

It was thus an immensely challenging task to devise a rebuild that would make the most of the statistics and live information, and in such as way that it would be as engaging and user-friendly to access as possible.

Key to HoneyKome’s solution was to design with the mobile user first in mind and ensure that whether at home watching TV or out on the golf course, they would be able to access all the live scores and news easily and quickly.

As such the site was designed with a revised, streamlined navigation structure, simple user interface and a focus on showcasing the immense bank of imagery the tour produces. All of this works to create a clean, uncluttered site, whether on desktop or mobile.

Considering the use the potential visitor would put the site to was essential to the project vision, whether reviewing live scores, seeing player stats or reading the fantastic editorial the Sunshine Tour editorial team turns out.

Key to the site, and one of the Tour’s key objectives in launching the rebuild project, was to celebrate the tournaments and players themselves. To do this HoneyKome sought to reduce the potential clutter of data by including infographics and visual snippets where possible to highlight the season and tournament statistics as well as cataloguing relevant photographs and articles.