Project brief:

Create an exciting, interactive mobile campaign that promotes and integrates with the back-of-pack and television commercials for Kelloggs Chocos and Kelloggs Coco Pops.

Our solution:

To promote Kelloggs Chocos, we created a mobisite with an extreme surfing game; videos with tips on skateboarding and surfing; a live newsfeed highlighting the latest stories on extreme sports; and cool ring tones and wall papers to download for free.

To promote Kelloggs Coco Pops, an extreme soccer challenge was devised. The challenge called for soccer fans to help Coco (the Kelloggs character) score a winning goal. The interaction with the consumer took place via mobile. Each user had to answer three questions relating to information on the box, and then received a link to the Coco Pops Soccer Challenge mobisite.

The official website provided instructions as well as video tips on how to perform power moves on the field, live soccer news, and other free downloadable branded content. The website also had an automated pop-up screen that alerted consumers when they had been online for 15 minutes and encouraged them to “go outside and play!”