Garnier asked us to help them launch their new Pure Active skin care brand to the youth market – males and females aged 12-16. The strategy was to create a campaign that would fit in with their gobal “Spot Emergency” theme, and to integrate this with local promotions. Given the strong youth bias of the target market, we created an interactive mobi site that allowed users to participate in competitions, download content and share videos and games.

Focussing on the “Spot Emergency” theme, we scripted videos that placed kids in amusing situations and showed how Garnier’s Spot Treatment could help them “out of a tight spot” or solve a “Spot Emergency”. Continuing along the Spot theme, a spot the difference competition was launched on mobile, and the campaign also included, a competition with hamper prizes to incentivised user take- up.

Users could also download ringtones and wallpapers, as well as a Garnier branded game that could be saved to the user’s phone and shared with others through viral interaction. To boost awareness of the promotion and drive traffic to the competition site, strategic mobile advertising campaigns were run across various youth oriented mobile news and information channels, and the campaign was also promoted on the Garnier social media channels.