Social Media

Cipla Medpro

Project brief:

Introduce strictly regulated pharmaceutical brand, Cipla, cautiously into the digital world and take it forward to expand overall brand awareness and public recognition of the organisation and its portfolio of products and social initiatives as a whole.

Our solution:

Create a warm and welcoming digital home for CIPLA, helping to showcase the many positive contributions which the company makes to the medical world, to consumers and patients, to the upliftment of South African community healthcare and community life.

We developed the online Medihub, a go-to healthcare centre with interesting medical articles, scientific research and wellness tips for diverse audiences. The Medihub has become the heartbeat of Cipla’s website, continually growing with compelling content and authentically telling the Cipla story.

Brand awareness as a whole has also increased with the inclusion of a creatively driven social media strategy. Each post creates positive echoes with consumers, especially those highlighting Cipla’s social responsibility involvement through the Cipla Foundation and Miles for Smiles.

As the retained digital creative and technology agency for this leading pharmaceutical brand, HoneyKome carefully pilots CIPLA through the world of online and mobile marketing and orchestrates full integration into the brand’s above-the-line actions and promotions, exponentially increasing reach and audience as only effective digital marketing can.