We believe in Digital Honey

At HoneyKome we understand the big picture when it comes to marketing and believe that digital should always be an integral part of the marketing mix. Our range of services is as wide as it is deep and we are good at all of them. We create digital campaigns that touch the lives of real people in everyday situations – campaigns that build brand loyalty and encourage consumer engagement, allowing brands to inform, entertain and reward their customers. When it comes to consumer engagement, there is nothing stickier (or sweeter) than digital honey.

Our solutions put the Buzz into Business

We understand that marketing is about doing business and we create digital solutions that meet marketing aims, while keeping business objectives squarely in our sights – driving ROI and creating sustainable engagement. Keeping track of campaigns and analysing results is second nature to us, and our strategy-driven solutions include the most effective communication channels, with messaging and content tailored to drive interaction and meet targets.

We foster growth through Brand Pollination

Using our digital know-how and marketing nous, we build solid digital properties that form your hub in the digisphere. To drive interaction and customer engagement, we focus on four key areas of marketing- – online, mobile, social and activation – and use a combination of tools from various disciplines to ensure integrated solutions are implemented throughout. With a keen eye on 360-degree promotions, we see every consumer touch-point as an opportunity for digital brand pollination.

Innovative, creative and truly ‘Mobile First’

HoneyKome has grown out of our mobile marketing division, MobiMedia, which specializes in mobile communication and helps brands engage with mobile consumers. As a natural progression, and to meet our clients’ requirements, our services have expanded across all digital and social media channels. The repositioning of the MobiMedia advertising and consulting division to form HoneyKome is the embodiment of this expansion.

There’s always something humming in the hive

We’re a sociable swarm that likes to share ideas, innovate and build things together. Meet the team at HoneyKome.